Hiroshi SAKATE

Hiroshi SAKATE: Architectural Eros


Hiroshi Sakate is a Japanese artist who has been living and working in Milan since 1998. After graduating in architecture in 1995 (Osaka Sangyo University), he started his career in Japan and then moved to Italy, first in Florence then in Milan, where he collaborated with various architecture studios. Hiroshi Sakate started during the same period his artistic involvement in photography.


The “Architectural eros” series, which will be presented by the gallery next November in Milan, belongs to a line of research that Hiroshi Sakate has been pursuing for a long time between the harmony of architectural shapes and the human body. His work puts in resonance architectural elements - pieces of strokes, broken lines, fragments of curves - and the sensuality of the body. By giving precedence to unusual perspectives and delicate lights, Hiroshi Sakate’s photographs make us forget the primary materiality, its inorganic, cold and anonymous aspects, and to the contrary his works confers to those building fragments a delicate pulse.



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