Franco OBERTO, On the Fly


Franco Oberto is an Italian artist who lives in Turin and works as a stage photographer for cinema, television and theatre productions. He has collaborated among other with Rai and Mediaset for TV commercials and musical videos. In 2019, the ‘cliciak - scatti di cinema’ prize was awarded to him by the town of Cesena in Emilia-Romagna in partnership with the Cineteca foundation from Bologna.


Work projects send Franco Oberto across the world on a regular basis, hence allowing him to develop an artistic practice linked to street photography in cities as diverse as London, Bangkok or Milan. Thus, while on a documentary set in Pyongyang in 2018, he took this as an opportunity to shoot photos of everyday life in the streets, on the squares and in the subway of the North Korean capital. Fleeting images, blurred and out of frame, taken on the fly: as we encounter again the rigid, formal and artificial coldness which comes to our mind while thinking about this city, Franco Oberto draws our gaze towards the human and the intimate in those photographs which let fragments of life outcrop on the picture surface.


From 4 to 11 June 2020, Xenithia-Nomade Gallery exhibits this Pyongyang series of photographs in via Lanzone 23, Milan. One print has been realised for the exhibition, whereas a limited edition of 10 at the 30 x 45 cm format is to be done as well on Hahnemüle fine art paper.


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